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The main cause for working days lost in 2013 was musculoskeletal conditions (such as back and neck pain), leading to 31 million days lost.


The Office of National
Statistics, 2014




44 million workers [across the EU] have musculoskeletal disorders – including back pain and strains of the neck, shoulder and arms. This costs up to €240bn annually in lost productivity and sickness absence, representing up to 2% of GDP across the EU.


The Work Foundation, 2013


Where you work has a big impact on how you work. No one is at their most productive when they are battling with back pain from sitting uncomfortably, working at a cramped desk, irritated by noise levels or dealing with files stored across the other side of the office. But whatever the size of your workplace, there are steps you can take to make your working environment a positive, comfortable and productive space.


  • Ergonomics – Act on worries over back pain and musculoskeletal disorders with supportive, adjustable seating, flexible workstation configurations and specific ergonomic advice.
  • Space planning – Make the most of your space with clever layout design built round your business needs, whether you want to create quiet spaces or open up the office for interaction.
  • Specific zones – Break up the space into flexible working areas. Using partitions and the right furniture you can create new working and social spaces.
  • Acoustics – Options like acoustic partitions, effective zonings, the right flooring and a properly planned layout can all help reduce office noise levels.
  • Environmental impact – Use products with sustainability and recyclability certificates. As part of our environmental commitment, we can also deal with disposal of your old furniture, giving to charities if suitable, or reducing it down to parts so as to be able to recycle everything possible.
  • Beautiful spaces – Whether you go for contemporary or classic design, the right look can make your office space an inspiring place to be.



At Total Business Furniture, we understand the importance of a positive working environment. Working in partnership with clients, we can advise on effective space planning, furniture and storage solutions, and ergonomic issues to make the most of any workspace.